Declaration of love to a psycho

Sat, Apr 28, 2012 at 7:06 AM By: S.I.D.Enemy

I please for comments=)

My feelings are dead, my life's broken that's just because I let myself into you...
Your words are like knives engravings in my head which force me to do or say silly things.
You turn me to the human I'd never liked to be. You know it's wrong but you like it to see me laying on the ground and dieing inside.

I please you, revenues me, I pray to you, stop it.
You see my tears, they give you power to never give it up...
You say it isn't satanistic but the blood which drips outta my veins says that you are lieing.

I'm not able to tell it someone, if I do you'll kill me, but I NEED HELP!!!
You're in my dreams to destroy my soul.
your laugh sounds like the laugh of the devil, your smile looks like the smile of an evil clown, your view says" Look at me, I'm a PSYCHO"

I know your not the bad person which you are acting, you just need attention, no matter how.I'll do everything for you, will love you forever, even if you strike me... You know I'm right, but you are afraid that I'll leave you. You hold me captive like a pet. let me free and I'll help you!!!
After long interviews, you saw that our life is near the end. But our endless love freed you outta the claws of horror!!!

  1. PRloverx3 avatar

    On Apr 30, PRloverx3 said:

    Haha it's ok. They are really nice. I met them when Dave Buckner (old drummer) was in the band. Idc what anyone says. They are the greatest band to walk this earth!! Don't worry, I'm sure you'll meet them. Just put it on your wish list. :) My biggest wish is to take pictures with them so I can treasure that picture forever until the day I die. When I get buried I want that picture in my coffin. Lol wow, I'm such a creep.

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