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Fri, May 18, 2012 at 7:13 AM By: S.I.D.Enemy

I'm fed up with my life!!!
Everyone around me don't accept that I am who I am!!!
I can understand why my friends don't like my style but I think that my family has to accept who I really am... But they don't...
I'm fed up from all this shit!!! Yesterday I've told a girl on this page that you never have to give yourself up... now I give myself up...
I'm not able to change myself cause that wouldn't be me... I can't wear a dress or a the other girls in my class... I am BLACK and I want to be BLACK but nobody want that I am black...My family is annoyed from my style, my friends are just friends when I'm dressed "normal" but I don't want to be like the others...
BVB: When your life feels lost, fight against all odds!!! Never give in, never back down!!!...But that's heavier as it sounds...
You can't feel alright when everyone hates you, if you are the only person around you...
actually I'm strong not "strong", usually STRONG. But now all my feelings in my heart fly like butterflies, never sit down and never stop... Hate, sorrow, pain, dissapointment, suppression...
I'm completely depressed... I don't know what I should do... It feels like that I better die... I don't want to be here anymore...
Some of you maybe think that it couldn't be so bad like I tell it you but it is so...
It feels like nobody likes me... and that's the cause that I am happy that I have you guys!!!
Here are so much people which I can talk to!!! That let me forget the world around me completely!!! All my haters and all the bullies...
This is my situation and it would kill me if I don't know ya guys here...
So a big thax to all ya people here!!! Love ya ROACHERS sooo much

  1. S.I.D.Enemy avatar

    On May 18, S.I.D.Enemy said:

    thank you all for your friendly words

  2. [*Roach'sFallenStarr*] avatar

    On May 18, [*Roach'sFallenStarr*] said:

    Aww, I can understand your pain:'( It's really sad but NEVER change yourself for anyone! If others can't accept you for who you are, then that's their problem and not yours. "Never give in, Never give up," declared Jacoby in "...To Be Loved." Find strength in Papa Roach and the ones you love and I assure you that you'll survive!

  3. Jacoby Shaddix 93 avatar

    On May 18, Jacoby Shaddix 93 said:

    Roacher,I can understand your feelings about who is around you.
    Don't give much importance at 'em,I always wear as you!
    All asked at my why I do that,just because I like it,I'm myself!
    I'm not oppressed by their comments,it's a way of life,way to be.
    Stay strong and thinks in positive things.
    You know,you're just yourselves. So go ahead with this and never give up!

  4. Unintended avatar

    On May 18, Unintended said:

    love ya really very much. :)

  5. Unintended avatar

    On May 18, Unintended said:

    happy that I have you...

  6. Unintended avatar

    On May 18, Unintended said:

    Oh, darling.. I'm just like you! ooh, I can't take it any more! I think we'll understand each other, so let's contact.
    I love you! =))
    P.S. I'm glad, I'm not only, who thinks like me.

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