MY supersexy-metal-boyfriend & my new freinds = happiest person alive!!!

Sat, Aug 18, 2012 at 11:04 AM By: S.I.D.Enemy

I found my perfect boy!!! finally, after I kissed so much frogs...=)
He`s the most important person in my life!!! I loooove him so much=)
Now I belive that I am not a person which can be just hated...
Now I belive that I have friends which love me...
I have some new friends which I love very much too!!!
They love me too and I am so happy and proud that I have friends like them!
all this together makes me to the happiest person alive!
I can`t belive that that happened to a person like me...
A person which can`t be nice...
But they like my bad side...=)

  1. Yogi avatar

    On Oct 06, Yogi said:

    Congratulations on being in a relationship, 18 yrs. on still single :( Life going hell for me.

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