a painfull love

Wed, Dec 24, 2008 at 2:53 PM By: apoeticheart

have you ever loved someone so much it hurt?/you took the pain/you took it just as it came/you didnt try to deny it/cause people would know youre liein/and while you loved that someone/you were being suffocated/just barely able to take it/you couldnt breathe/but you refused to leave/realize this person aint worth it/you dnt deserve it/to be treated this way/he has jealousy/and a tendency to lose control/even though there is bruisin/still you say you cant lose him/he says hes sorry/he always says hes sorry/but he doesnt mean it/he turns around and gives another beatin/leavin you lay on the ground/as he turns around and walks away/when will you realize/that what he says isnt true/he doesnt love you/he never has/he never will/just open youre eyes and see/that you dnt need him, to be happy/

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    On Dec 25, apoeticheart said:

    whats crazy tho is its rele about my friends mom who has an abusive husband. he came home f***ed up on day and my friend left. they left him once but her mom went back. for some reason she just cnt get away and stay away. its sad. im glad u liked it.

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    On Dec 25, Isdp said:

    yea... i did that...

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    On Dec 24, !Ducky! (Broken) said:

    I can really relate to this at the moment. Alot of people just don't seem to get it(catherine) Awesome Job at describing how u feel

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