Fri, Dec 26, 2008 at 3:49 PM By: apoeticheart

dnt dwell on the past/live for today/cause this may be your last/just keep in mind that anything could happen/one second your hearin laughin/a second later there are sirens screaming/and you cnt believe it/your dieing/but just a minute ago you were fine/trying to figure out whats going on/but its too late your gone/theres silence/you see a bright light/trying with all your might not to go to it/but it dnt matter/cause see your times up/you've run out on your luck/your're layin in your casket/people cryin as they pass it/they say their last goodbyes/as they dry their eyes/theyre outside now/everyones gathered around/theyre laying roses on you/your being lowered into the ground/and someone takes one last look down/before they hear the sound/ "CLICK"/ the coffins in place/and they hope youre in Gods good grace/the dirt is being thrown on top/despite the screams to stop/its done, its over/youre six feet under/still people stop and wonder/why, why did it have to be you?/how can this be true?/but they go on with their lives/keeping you in their mind/now the curtain closes/all thats left is the lingering smell of the roses/

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