sinificant other

Sat, Jan 22, 2011 at 6:52 PM By: meister

Did a drop out come up and say "at to one day look back for life, leisure, momento & live all it down on your older freinds personal playground...bounce skate rock in this locking planned based stink of love!

  1. meister avatar

    On Jan 25, meister said:

    all too good of ya girlies and thanks so is this for a bottle of some celebrate in the mail...hmn??? preferable soki or cinnemin!

  2. Shyanneblaze avatar

    On Jan 23, Shyanneblaze said:

    ....Dearest Heather my Cupcake...You KNOW I am.... Next in enjoyment... I think...comes "planning"....Sugar Treats...

  3. hjg0302 avatar

    On Jan 23, hjg0302 said:

    Echolyn...that is very original. I have always been partial to Evelyn. How about you Shy? Congratulations on the planning...that is the fun part.

  4. meister avatar

    On Jan 23, meister said:

    Wa huh? did you say a stir to me that keeps echoing till i name my fiancee and I child Echolyn? to late already in plans!! thanks for the sugar though...

  5. Shyanneblaze avatar

    On Jan 23, Shyanneblaze said:

    ....Don't Expect Anything Original From An Echo.....

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