1. Andrew M. avatar

    On Apr 20, Andrew M. said:

    Y men9 letom, no tam kapec bydet)

  2. Andrew M. avatar

    On Apr 06, Andrew M. said:

    Ya toge neploxo) uchus v univere, v KVN igrau)

  3. Andrew M. avatar

    On Mar 28, Andrew M. said:

    Hey! Kak pogivaesh?)

  4. xxbloody-mayhemxx avatar

    On Mar 03, xxbloody-mayhemxx said:

    hows it going?

  5. Crashoverline avatar

    On Dec 16, Crashoverline said:

    i`m back!!!!

  6. Anna1987 avatar

    On Nov 06, Anna1987 said:

    how are you? what are you doing right now?
    have you any plans for the weekend?

  7. shaddix03 avatar

    On Oct 10, shaddix03 said:

    but i think that p roach will hardly come to the ukraine... maybe you can go and see them in moscow. but maybe it's too expensive and too far away...

  8. shaddix03 avatar

    On Sep 25, shaddix03 said:

    i almost do the same in germany... i go to university, next month i get a job there. i'm "teaching" the students who aren't so good in maths.and next week i will see p roach live, yeah! have you already seen them live?

  9. shaddix03 avatar

    On Sep 20, shaddix03 said:

    yeah i'm fine, too. so what are you doing in ukraine?

  10. shaddix03 avatar

    On Sep 19, shaddix03 said:

    hey how are you?

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