Which song ....

Mon, Mar 29, 2010 at 3:37 AM By: AnnaLovesPapaRoach

I started to listening to Papa Roach since I heard Hollywood Whore
From which song have you become a fan of Papa Roach ??
Which songs are your favourite ? :)

  1. Little_Rock_Girl avatar

    On Feb 29, Little_Rock_Girl said:

    Forever was the first :)

  2. tears dont fall avatar

    On Apr 04, tears dont fall said:

    kick in the teeth

  3. zenonsocks avatar

    On Jul 27, zenonsocks said:

    Last resort was the first I knew, Time and Time again got me into papa roach.

  4. punkydoll avatar

    On Jun 20, punkydoll said:

    getting away with murder...

  5. Papa Roach Geezer avatar

    On Jun 06, Papa Roach Geezer said:

    My favourite song is Tyranny of Normality but I heard about papa roach when I heard the song To Be Loved

  6. longnight avatar

    On Apr 09, longnight said:

    last resort BEST. SONG. EVER!

  7. maissu avatar

    On Apr 01, maissu said:

    Forever is my absolute favourite. It was nearly the first song of Papa Roach that I ever heard.

  8. sylwia avatar

    On Mar 30, sylwia said:

    carry me is my favourite.
    my first was hollywood whore xD

  9. paparoachundead2028 avatar

    On Mar 29, paparoachundead2028 said:

    the very first papa roach song i ever heard was i almost told you that i loved you. my favorite is definitely scars. i love that song.

  10. *Steph avatar

    On Mar 29, *Steph said:

    I don't remember what my first song was that got me listening to Papa Roach, but my favorite is Take Me.

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