1. csime217 avatar

    On Jun 19, csime217 said:

    yeah am good thanks you been up 2 much? xxx

  2. csime217 avatar

    On May 14, csime217 said:

    hey hows u? xxx

  3. tears dont fall avatar

    On Nov 18, tears dont fall said:

    well they think i'm prego

  4. tears dont fall avatar

    On Nov 16, tears dont fall said:

    cause there is a rumor at my school that i'm pregnant

  5. tears dont fall avatar

    On Nov 15, tears dont fall said:

    I'M SAD

  6. tears dont fall avatar

    On Nov 13, tears dont fall said:

    hi how are u

  7. rren avatar

    On Nov 07, rren said:

    This site has problems, because I can't approve comments too.

    Yeah, we haven't talked for long. I just haven't visited this site. But now I'm back. And I will try to come here more frequently. :}

    So, how are you? How are your studies?
    Please tell me about yourself. :}

  8. rren avatar

    On Nov 06, rren said:

    Hello, my friend! ;}

  9. Broken.Home avatar

    On Sep 08, Broken.Home said:

    Awesome, there all good songs :D

  10. Broken.Home avatar

    On Sep 07, Broken.Home said:

    Probably Broken Home or No Matter What, or Blood (Empty promises) haha i can't chose there all good. :D whats your fav?

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