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I'm a graduate from WVNCC with 3 business degrees: Business Administration, Small Business Management, and Accounting. I volunteer my time to the Wells Township Haunted House in Brilliant, Ohio. I love art, music, concerts, reading, etc. I enjoy being goofy and making you laugh.

I've been a Papa Roach fan for a very long time, I would guess 1998 or 1999. I helped them out a great deal with their street team. For my huge amount of work I won a free tickets to the March 18, 2003 show with a sound check pass and the chance to hang with them for the first time. Seeing them live for the first time just hooked me. Since then I have seen them at least once every year. I enjoy the club shows a whole lot more then the pavilions or arenas. The feeling for the show is just 10x better. I was able to be a Papa Roach Riot member when it was still a Fan Club. Proud to say I was one of the first 500 to join because I got an autographed "Old Friends From Young Years" CD. WooHoo!

If you want to know anything, just ask.

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