One of my best nights forever!

Mon, Jun 18, 2012 at 7:30 AM By: Jacoby Shaddix 93

How I promised at many users here,I'm going to tell how was my final exam of guitar.
All began at 3 p.m,when I went at the school of music for try my songs for the last night.
After greetings and hugs,we started to play,but just a particular: I was having my mp3 for stay quiet and calm myself(that is so hard!)
In 5 minutes,I and my teacher was trying what we chose together,but she seemed really satisfacted to hear some improvements; also the other which were with me.
I also listened my 3 friends to play their instrument,it was a kickass!
They were just great and it was really nice to hear from a little girl of 10 years old to play perfectly Don't Cry by Guns N' Roses,she's in a good way.
Listened blues and jazz played by eletric guitar with rythimic was just... unexpected!
Maybe this could approach me at those kinds of music,that I honestly I don't listen so much,but that I admire for some personalites in that music.
At 4 p.m we left out our little shelter for be at the place where we would play in 4 hours. And....surprise!
Some of my friends came to see me and stayed in that place,after they came my parents too.
They asked me if I could to reveal those songs that I would play,for don't spoil the surprise,I said just no,I prefer to don't spoil my little secret,I like to amaze the persons that I love so much.
Meanwhile there were examples of other guys and girls for show at their parents how them were their way in a year; the first examples had been piano,violin and female choir; but in according to me,the piano scores and the texts were so sad,just classical stuff(out some covers of The Lord Of The Rings,Cucaracha and Pop Corn).
In vain my teacher tried to convince me to listen that music,but I didn't feel the real need to listen,because I know enough what is for me classical music! Maybe it would be Beethoven,Mozart,Ciajkovskij or Vivaldi,Schubert or other great artists!
The choir sang just only tradional Italian music....gave me bit sense of regret.
After 3 exhausting hours,it came our turn,the adrenaline was increasing again and the stress left the space at the nervous,also if I was speaking with my mates.
After 3 permonances(while I was trying the tuning of guitar), which had been really amazing,my teacher called me on the stage.
We started with Carry Me and she sang with her voice the song,her granted a melancholy touch at it,as Jacoby in that acoustic;I played it almost perfect.(also her did accompaniment with her classic guitar)
For Lifeline,well,the assol was really amazing! My fingers seemed to fly on the guitar,also if I did it slow,with quiet. In that song,I felt a feeling just with only my head and with my guitar.
I always avoided the gazes of people,because it makes you really nervous.
Also there,Lifeline was the greatest effort of will and mental,because my pulse began to give me some problems,that they didn't hear!
When we finished,it started an immense lengthy applause,I just turned the head on and saw something so special.
People liked the acoustic of PRoach songs! What a satisfaction! But remember: if you take with you a score that it really know for them,surely they would involve much respect them. Anyway it's a honor to carry out what you want to play,doesn't matter who is in front of you!
She was really happy for my excellent exhibition and so I was after 3-4 minutes to discuss about my little errors(I'm a perfectionist). But my parents said:" It was really better respect the first and second exihibion of other,we are proud of you. Go ahead so!"
Same for my twin,she was enthusiastic,with my friends.
But when all finished(it was also saxophone and drums too,with a great metal song of two teachers,other words she,the teacher of saxophone and a girl at the drum), I just gave at her a big hug and did compliments.
All that I wanted to her is her happiness. So I whispered near her: " You're a heavy metal freak,but you don't admit that. Great show of your ability girl."
She laughed and said:" Thank you really much sweetie,I'm also proud of you and see you the next Friday,good night"
I have to thank all of you that supported me those days!
Also for you:Elisa,Simone,Germana,my parents(without you I never would be here...thank with words it's few.)
The facts are the real proof of this.
And you,that opened a door in my passions and the way to hear/feel music: Laura.
Without you,probably I wouldn't do a great show at all.
Thanks for the patience that you had,always.

  1. ayaroach avatar

    On Jul 24, ayaroach said:

    omggg! congrats!!!

  2. RockN'Rollfan avatar

    On Jun 19, RockN'Rollfan said:

    That's awesome! great job!

  3. ivarhcp4ever avatar

    On Jun 19, ivarhcp4ever said:

    Congarts :D Now you can apply for Papa Roach :D

  4. Proach avatar

    On Jun 19, Proach said:


  5. Vlady avatar

    On Jun 19, Vlady said:

    Congratulations! You're the girl who has awakened the ROCK! Good job. (:

  6. [*Roach'sFallenStarr*] avatar

    On Jun 18, [*Roach'sFallenStarr*] said:

    So happy and proud!!! Major congrats to you!!! I knew you were a rockstar!!! =)

  7. Camila Carregal avatar

    On Jun 18, Camila Carregal said:

    awwwwwn! no words to say... really! go ahead, just! you've got a big talent, believe it.. congrats, and luck!

  8. AnD avatar

    On Jun 18, AnD said:

    Damn! Congratulations with the exam! Sounds like a blast.

    In my country its filled with all the mainstream american pop.. Sucks.

    Wish i could've been there myself to see the enthusiasm and excitement between the crowd and the peformers! (You definitely rocked, i'm sure)

  9. PRoach33 avatar

    On Jun 18, PRoach33 said:

    Great rocker :))

  10. Littel Dirty Girl avatar

    On Jun 18, Littel Dirty Girl said:


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