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    On Jan 27, Sara Freund said:


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    On Jan 25, Sara Freund said:

    Dietary Aid at a Nursing Home. Do you have a job.

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    On Jan 24, Sara Freund said:

    Yes I do have a job.

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    On Jan 22, Sara Freund said:

    I'm 30 years old.

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    On Jan 22, Sara Freund said:

    I'm from Omaha, Neb.

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    On Jan 20, [*Roach'sFallenStarr*] said:

    You're welcome, dear! My friends and I are doing great! My 2 besties (the ones I told you about, where you helped me through some stuff) are doing very well as far as our friendship is concerned. But one of them has a chronic health problem that he's had for years and his health has been getting worse recently. It's been difficult dealing with his sickness because he really needs help, so we're trying to get him some help before he gets worse... :/
    So many things have been going on recently, it's been a wild ride, lol. Hope things are well with you! Right now, we're all getting ready for our first snow storm of the season. It's supposed to hit by Friday, and it's snowing a little now. Ugh, I'm ready for pleasant weather, lol. :)

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    On Dec 27, [*Roach'sFallenStarr*] said:

    That's great news and I'm so glad to hear that!!! So happy to hear that you got to have such a wonderful time with your loved one!!! I'm sure that was a great time! =) Thanks so much and I hope you have a great one as well! Oh really? I wish you much success in your final year of school! Enjoy it and definitely treasure the time! =)

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    On Dec 24, [*Roach'sFallenStarr*] said:

    Hello, dear!!! I'm sooooooo sorry for taking FOREVER to reply!!! :'( How are you? I really hope that you had a lovely summer, autumn and that winter is going well, too! I've missed you! Again, I'm really going to try to do better here, lol. I feel awful for not returning sooner. Hope everything is well with you! Love you! *hugs* ^_^

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    On Aug 10, [*Roach'sFallenStarr*] said:

    Hey, sweety! So sorry for my late reply! How have you been and how was your trip?!?!? :) Hope everything is going well with you! I had a FANTASTIC time on my trip to Pennsylvania last month! My best friends and I really had a blast! We went to a car show there which is really popular and has been occurring there for many years. We had such a great road trip and really made some wonderful memories. ^_^
    And, things are going very well with my bff right now. And again, I can't thank you enough for being there and for helping me through that time. <3 Since I got back from the trip, I've been busy with work and traveling for that. I'm also working at local fairs this month and attending some local events for my job to help spread the word on what I do and my company, so it's quite exciting and I've been having a great time with that. :) I'm going to my very first Breaking Benjamin concert this coming Sunday, and then seeing them again a couple of days after that. I'm beyoooooond excited!!!!! Can't wait to see them! But I've been so busy with so many things going on, I haven't had time to prepare for the concerts yet, lol. =)
    Can't wait to hear from you! Sending you much love and many hugs, me dear! :)

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    On Jul 06, [*Roach'sFallenStarr*] said:

    I can agree with you on that! Yeah, Japanese is a tough language, but I'm sure it would be rewarding. Whooot! Sounds like a fun shopping spree to me! There are soooo many things to see there, and I bet the shopping is great! I'm so excited for you!
    It was great, thanks! I spent it with my bffs and stayed with them the whole weekend. We went to a cook-out yesterday which was fun. The rest of the weekend we just spent playing video games, drove around in the sun, laughed and just acted like kids. It was really refreshing and so fun. :)
    In a few days we're leaving to go to Pennsylvania for a huge car show. We're really excited and looking forward to that. It'll be a road trip and we can't wait. We went last year and had the best time and made so many great memories. :) *hugs*

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