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About Jacoby Shaddix 93

Hey there guys!
I like so much the Papa Roach! They're very amazing too! I listen also:
30 Second to Mars(The Kill,a Beatiful Lie,This Is War,Hurricane)
Erben der Schöpfung(Elis)
Within Temptation
Van Halen(Hot For Teacher)
AC/DC(Rock N' Roll Train)
Blink 182
Beastie Boys( No sleep till brooklyn)
Sum 41(Screaming Bloody Murder)
Survivor(Eye Of Tiger)
Lamb Of God
The Birthday Massacre
Lacuna Coil
Ozzy Osbourne(Mr Crowley )
Michael Jackson
Guns N' Roses
Rage Against The Machine
Green Day
In Flames
The Cranberries
Bullet For My Valentine(Scream Aim Fire)
Social Distorsion(Machine Gun Blues)
Metallica(Master Of Puppets)
Gogol Bordello
Pink Floyd( Another Brick In The Wall)
Avenged Sevenfold
Hushpuppies(Are You Gonna Say Yeah!)
Goo Goo Dolls(Iris,Better Days)
Joan Jett(I love Rock N' Roll,I Hate Myself For Loving You)
The Lord Of The Rings( the soundtracks of the films)
Pearl Jam(I'm (Still) Alive)
Seether( I'm Fine Again,Broken)
Shinedown(Sound Of The Madness)
Unexpect(Feasting Fools)
Sex Pistols
The Offspring(Original Prankster)
Diablo Swing Orchestra
Mötley Crüe
Depeche Mode(Enjoy The Silence,Personal Jesus)
Jimi Hendrix
Foo Fighters
Limp Bizkit
Sixx A.M.
Alter Bridge
Led Zeppelin
Suicide Silence
Static X
Fear Factory
In Tormentata Quiete
Three Days Grace(Animal I Have Become)
Bob Marley( Redemption Song)
The Cure
The Clash
The 69 Eyes
Daniel Lioneye

My hobby is listening to rock music and chatting with my dear friends.... :-)
My favourite song of PR are: Scars,Lifeline,Last Resort,No Matter What, Sometimes,Crash,Forever,The World Around You,Take Me,Not Listening and other...
I began to play the eletric guitar almost 3 years ago .It's so special and it's a beatiful passion for me. :) His name is Jsl.
My guitar

My favourite band

The most incredible singer that I know: Jacoby Shaddix ^^

Jerry Horton: a incredible guitarist! You rock!

Tobin Esperance: The better bassist that I heard.

Tony Palermo: Don't use the words for describe him! He's just amazing!


Guns N' Roses

Green Day



Lacuna Coil

Blink 182

Rage Against the Machine


The Cranberries

30 Second To Mars




" I've been looking for something sacred,
Running away from the light.
Got a burn all the bridges in my head,
That lead me away from my life.
I question my own existence,
Question the meaning of life."

For a person that I never forget... love you and miss you

"The words have got a power and it can gives at you the emotions: the pain or joy in your hearth. I choosed the last choice. I don't say "thank you".It's less."
For other important person of my young life:it's for you,Laura
" I tear my heart open,
I saw myself shut,
my weakness is that I care too much
and my scars remind me that the past is real"
"I've been looking for something sacred,
running away from the light.
Got a burn all the bridges in my head,
that lead me away from the life.
I question my own existence
Question the meaning of life"
" There aren't words for describe you
because you are a flower that it's opening at the early morning,
as the sun that it greetings the world with his lightness.
You are a prize of this sky
You lighten my days of my life,
also if at the begin of this I didn't believe at nothing
I never believe at those situations,
because my soul burned for the past
I understood that something changed
Between me and you
as a stroke of lucky
my painful and burning life is removing from my head
you was my salvation
you was one of other ragions for fight against the pain
against the past
against the comments of other
the soul was rebirth
from his ashes
after long time
this is my soul
those are the motives for I don't surrender
Because I'm not a surrender
I'm a dreamer with you"

Papa Roach Pictures, Images and Photos
Js93 ^^
Viva la Cucaracha!
" It's better to burn out than to fade away" Kurt Cobain
Jacoby Shaddix:
"What does not kill,makes me strong"
"Are you f***ing ready to Rock'n'roll?"
"When I get on stage I bring myself, I bring my soul, this band and you fans, this is all that I got" from Live and Murderous in Chicago 2005

Dedications from:
Proach33,thanks roacher. I always love the things that come from the heart,with the truth. Take care of you

I want to thank you
For asking me a simple question.
It has been two months now since this,
Enough time for you to become
One of my most important friends.

You were the first person
Becoming my friend here.
And the reason i met other
Great people, just like you
Because, that you just starting
Talking with me, gave me the courage
To do so too...

I just wanted to thank you
For all you did, said and showed to me.
Thank you so much.

What a nice surprise when I have seen it! You're really kind and something so hard to describe with the words.
For my little admirator of Jerry Horton ^^

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