Getting to know me...Sorta..

Wed, Oct 10, 2007 at 4:52 PM By: VampSeducer1

Hey,whats up people?Im new my names Megan but most people call me Grim so yea...Im easy to talk&i love to listen as long as your not whining the whole time..I say random stuff for no apperent reason...Unless you wanna count the fact that i love fucking with peoples minds..Im amused by pain whether it be my own or someone elses...I can be a bitch sometimes& not realize it at all...I love music more than i love the suffering of stupid people jk...But i do love music with a passion..I kinda twitch alot from caffiene..I think i spelled that right but whatever..I sleep during the day&stay up all damn night...And ow sorry hit somethin..Im honest..So if your doin somethin thats pissin me off i'll tell you.If you got a prob with it o damn well..As you've noticed i kinda ramble...I think dirty alot i can't help it but its funny when i say somethin dirty mainly bcuz it makes no sense sometimes....Im really out of it right now so you know lol...Ok well there's whatever about me..See ya freaks later!

  1. waiting for you to finally be one of us avatar

    hi megan! i'm jade. ^)^ why do people call you grim...?

  2. CelticEire88 avatar

    On Oct 10, CelticEire88 said:

    hiya, welcome, im julie! :-) you seem cool, lol.

  3. Revenger avatar

    On Oct 10, Revenger said:

    Hey nice to meet you and welcome!

  4. irocerz28 avatar

    On Oct 10, irocerz28 said:

    Hey Megan!! Nice to meet you. My name is Michele.

  5. Cowboy avatar

    On Oct 10, Cowboy said:

    yo. yea its spelled caffeine. but ... welcome.

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