Whats wrong with gay people???

Mon, Oct 22, 2007 at 3:10 AM By: VampSeducer1

What the fuck is wrong with gays??Huh?!?!What the fuck is wrong with being gay?!?!Im sorry im kinda pissed because obviously people are cruel to gays!!Not all people im just saying the select few.....And since they're christians they're all like "your gonna burn in hell you fags!" or "we should round up all the gays in the world&get rid of them!"....Its like wtf have they done2u,u low life cock suckin pansy ass fuckin bitch!!!Im not sayin all christians do it but the ones that do aren't even real christians in my fuckin opinion!...Thats just an opinion....U wanna challenge it fine i dont care...Because seriously whats wrong with being attracted2the same sex ur still human....And whatever they do in bed with whoever is no ones business unless they make it that way....Just like whatever u do in bed is no ones business unless u make it so...And it only pisses me off because i have gay friends&people say that stupid shit&sum of my friends get really hurt from there words...Others get all pissed off&wanna kick sum ass!! My point that im TRYING2make is..Why the fuck would sum1 be so interested in SUM1 ELSES sex life&then be total fuckin pansy ass bitche assholes2them juz bcuz its the same sex....I wanna beat the ppl that do that2a fuckin damn all fuckin mighty fuckin little fuckin pulp!!!Im sorry im juz REALLY REALLY pissed off right now.....Leave comments if u want..I dont care...I wanna hear ur opinions..Or views whatever u wanna say.....Ok peace out freaks =P!!!

  1. xxxxabigailxxxx avatar

    On Oct 22, xxxxabigailxxxx said:

    and the people that thank gay guys r w eard shood burn in fucking hell they r just people im puting a blog up a bught this

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    On Oct 22, xxxxabigailxxxx said:

    wow i realy dont care i love everyone and realy wtf is rong whit gays there r just peopl like us yea shure there a lutte bit defrint buut the r still peopl. i love everybody and in cloding gay peapl idk what is rong whith the peopl that heat gay peopl gay peopl r not alioms there r humns idk i just love everone the way they r

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    On Oct 22, havenseesgreen said:

    hey sorry that your friends are going thru all that crap and stuff but i would really appreciate it if you didnt say that all christians hate gay people... because that the farthest thing from the truth idk what kind of christians you hang out with but were definately not all like that... im a christian and i dont understand gay people but im not to them or say anything bad to them. there are a bunch of christians like that out there i know but were not all like that so i would be great if you didnt assume we were all like that because that is just the same as people saying that all gays are bad.

  4. SEE-ARE-UH avatar

    On Oct 22, SEE-ARE-UH said:

    im a catholic and honestly i dont care if someone is gay. it's fine with me. it's funny though cuz saturday night me and my friends were just talking about this... oh and my friend was bitchin cuz she said "why do all the gay guys have to be HOT?!" haha

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