will you support my idea

Sat, Apr 16, 2011 at 1:18 PM By: mmmike

Ok all you die hard papa roach. Com official members hears my idea , I kicked it around last year but now I'm bringing it to the very top , that's right ! For us, for every fucken one of you !!!! I want every ones feed back, and all that reads this pass it on, hear we go how cool would it be for an official VIP papa roach ( fan club members only )special edition T shirt or jersy to become available to us ???? Fuck yea got your attention now don't I ? And since papa roach has a special charity, loaves & fishes even better to offer this shirt for in let's say $20.and for every one sold $5 goes to that charity.HMmm, how many of YOU would buy one ??? I need numbers cause I'm taking this to papa roach what do you think ?? Kid u not .I have a meet & greet the 24 ,may. I need your feed back hard core to make it happen , oh yea and for those who make the 2,year member mark. Should get it for $10.

  1. MamaRoach916 avatar

    On Apr 22, MamaRoach916 said:

    Sounds awesome! I wish they'd bring back the TEEM...street team members go special shit for spreading the word. It was awesome. But yeah, I'd totally buy one (or 2!).

  2. Charry Horton avatar

    On Apr 20, Charry Horton said:

    sounds great! go for it! :) :)

  3. xxYESENiAxx avatar

    On Apr 17, xxYESENiAxx said:

    helll yeah! who wouldn't want a p-roach shirt for members only? (;
    hopefully the idea gets through :]

  4. Michelle2011 avatar

    On Apr 17, Michelle2011 said:

    GO 4 IT...good idea

  5. Kick.In.The.Teeth - aka Harri avatar

    I would definitely buy one!!! I need a Papa Roach T-Shirt sooo bad :) But yeah. Definitely. Go Ahead. Half the people wont have read this.. So just do it, see what they say!!!! Good luck. :)

  6. Spazzy-Mel avatar

    On Apr 16, Spazzy-Mel said:

    I think that's a great idea!! I would definitely buy one ^^ I hope it works out! good luck :)

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