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About PapaRoachisLife

Hello, I'm Strong and Fearless only 'cause I got Rock 'n Roll. I'm blunt,speaking whats on my mind. Music is my everthing. I live for concerts. I'm a clean cut rocker chick. Loving me ain't easy, loving me is hard. My heart is a fist, drenched in blood my soul will fight again. Dreamers have become an endangered species. What doesn't kill me will only make me stronger. I'm losing my only dream, I could use some guiding light, some place to go. I'm not a pawn for you to play in your fucking game. I’ve got to follow my heart,no matter how far. I'd still be damage even if I grew up perfectly. Believe me,You never met a mother fucker like me. Nowhere to run, can't escape, full of ourselves, tied to our fate. Seize the Day or die regretting the time you lost. Papa Roach is my favorite band. All of them are my heroes. I do play bass,somewhat because of Tobin XD \m/

My first concert, Frosty the Show-man, was when I was 13, in Pensacola, FL on 12/2/07 and I begged my mom to let me go because it was a school night, but it was on my birthday she let me go even if it was 2 states away. It was a headlined by Three Days Grace, and co-headlined by Papa Roach. I went for them. It. was awesome. I didn't like Three Days Grace much that night because they were not into the music like Papa Roach was. if you've seen P. Roach live then you know what i mean by 'into the music"
In 09' I went to Scrooge-n the Cost, Headlined by Papa Roach and co headlined by Shinedown. But sill as much as I like Shinedown Papa Roach is better, hands down. I lost my voice for a week after that show....Oh i forgot to tell you Halestorm, amazing, papercut Massacre, please, for the sake of your ears, NEVER EVER go to one of their shows. They sound good on CD or radio but live...not so much.
Check out Adelitas Way if you havent.I really like them and highly recommend them.They are Awesome! I saw 3DG again and this time they were much better! Sick Puppies put on an AMAZING show!!! Trapt is SICK live and so is Limp Bizkit! Buckcherry well...they're good live but the singer Josh Todd...yeah...i question man should be able to shake his pelvis like that man does...anyways, i must say i am very lucky to have seen Motley Crue live, i loved it. Saving Abel is ok i guess if i liked their music more i would enjoy one of their concerts more. Sevendust put on one of the best shows ive ever seen! They were even nice enough to do i signing! XD they are all really sweet, nice and down to earth! i would love to meet them again! From what little i saw of Korn they put on a good show! Disturbed was awesome! They really got the crowd pumped!! Id like to see them again as well!!! hahaha i loved it When the bassist of Sevendust pointed to my friends & i in the stands & at the signing the he was like "come here pretty lady!" and pulled me over the table & gave me a kiss on the cheek!! X] Digital Summer is an amazing! Both the music and the band members, i had the chance to meet them and they are all so nice and funny! I Highly suggest you look into this band!
Finally I got to see Avenged Sevenfold, they were amazing as well, but you can tell it will never be the same without Jimmy. When they played Fiction they has the empty piano lit up from where Jimmy would play. He's foREVer in our hearts. Angels fall is a new band whose CD is coming out in July i suggest you check them out, they are awesome live and are some really nice guys, so sweet and kind!I do have to say that Adelitas Way has grown since the last time i saw them and they put on one HELL of a show, the singer crowd surfed and he seemed to really enjoy it! haha but that show has made the top of my list, they're in rival with Papa Roach for top spot. Also i saw seether which in my opinion weren't that great, but hey you never know it just might have been that one show.
Hahaha well lets start. I just saw a band called Violence to Vagas. Welll. they were ok, but the singer freaked me out. He comes out on stage to wearing a pair of pants that has his dick peaking out of them and he has these lights that he stands on that lights up his crotch area...ugh....he wasnt all that good looking either. ANYWAYS Seven Day Sonnet was pretty good, the singer is really cute but they are an up and coming band, I think they have what it takes to make it big. NOW ON TO THE BIG EVENT! Adelitas Way. FUCKING EPIC! I swear they get better each time I see them! Well during their last song, which was,Invincible, Rick (singer) was getting the crowd pumpped and asked peopel to crowd surf their way up to the stage and go shake his hand. my nose got busted by a crowd surfer his foot hit the back of my head and I went face first into the barricade. but its ok, I dont excpect to got to a rock show and not get hurt. I saw Rick afterwards and talked to him he asked what happened and he wouldn;t stop asking if i was ok, saying he was sorry and hugging me. Hes really nice and sweet,great guy. It was all in good fun. Hell Im ready for another show! XD

Yep and it was awesome, it was a bit differnt than i thought it was going to be and maybe next time I wont make it so awkward! hahah BUT
the April 28th show was the best show I've ever seen them put on. EVER. It was amazing and there was so much energy. Words fail to explain it, but after 2 days my ears a still ringing from the show. I can not wait to do it again.

I do wish to be in a band and help change the world through music and help people through life the way that Papa Roach has helped me, but right now that dream is so far out of my reach, I want to give up, but I'm sill pushing for it, because dreamers have become an endangered species, there are not many of us left out there in the world.

VIVA LA CUCARACHA!!!!!!!!!!! \m/ >.< \m/

Well my list of Concerts that I've been to is very piss poor, but i do intend on expanding this list! And soon!! \m/

Frosty the Show-man!
Line up: Alter Bridge, Another Animal, PAPA ROACH, Three Days Grace
Location: Pensacola Civic Center, Pensacola, FL

Scrooge-n the Coast
Line up: Papercut Massacre, Halestorm, Shinedown, PAPA ROCH
Location:Mississippi Cost Coliseum: Biloxi, MS

Line up: ADELITAS WAY, Chevelle, Three Days Grace
Location: Mississippi Cost Coliseum: Biloxi, MS

CPR Fest 14
Line up: Scattered Uinion, Sick Puppies, Trapt, Buckcherry, Arron Louis (Staind) & Limp Bizkit.
Location: Mississippi Cost Coliseum: Biloxi, MS

Line-up: Friday- Saving Able & Motley Crue
Saturday- the Ugli Stick, Swampnoise, ADELITAS WAY, Rehab, Sick Puppies & Shinedown
Sunday- Sterohype, Fuel, Skillet & PAPA ROACH
Location: Moblie, AL

Music as a Weapon 5
Line-Up: In this Momement, Sevendust, Disturbed, & Korn.
Location: Mississippi Cost Coliseum: Biloxi, MS

Line-Up: A Cry Fairwell, DIGITAL SUMMER, & 10 Years.
Location: Vinyl Music Hall: Pensacola, FL

Welcome to the Family Tour
Line-Up: Bullet for my Valentine, 3 Days Grace, & Avenged Sevenfold.
Location: Pensacola Civic Center: Pensacola, FL

Line-Up: Angels Fall, Kopek, ADELITAS WAY, & Seether.
Location:Soul Kitchen: Mobile, AL

Line-Up: Violence to Vegas, Seven Day Sonnet, ADELITAS WAY & Sevendust.
Location: Soul Kitchen: Mobile, AL

Rock of Allegiance Tour
Line-Up: Buckcherry, PAPA ROACH, Puddle of Mudd, P.o.d, Red, Crossfade & Drive A.
Location: Amphitheater at the Wharf Orange Beach, AL

Line-Up: The Icarus Effect, 9 Left Dead & Hinder.
Location: Vinyl Music Hall: Pensacola, FL

Line-Up: Black Tied, ADELITAS WAY, Halestorm, Chevelle & Staind.
Location: Mississippi Cost Coliseum: Biloxi, MS

Line-Up: Black Tied, ADELITAS WAY, & Halestorm.
Location: Vinyl Music Hall: Pensacola, FL

Line-Up: Shinedown
Location: Hardrock Casino: Biloxi, MS

Line-Up: Brookroyal, New Medicine & ADELITAS WAY
Location: Whisky River Saloon, Jackson, MS

Line-Up: Prytania, Robert Fortune Band & My Darkest Days Location: House of Blues, New Orleans, LA

Line-Up: Patent Pending, Set It Off, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Location: Vinyl Music Hall, Pensacola, FL

Carnaival of Maddness Tour/ CPR Fest 16
Line-Up: Hallow Hill, Cathercist, Down The Phoenix, New Medicine, Cavo, HALESTORM, Chevelle, Evanescence
Location: Jones Park, Gulfport, MS

Red River Revel
Line up- Cowboy Mouth, ADELITAS WAY
Location: Sherveport, LA

Inked Music Tour
Line Up- This or the Apocalypse, Glamour of the Kill, Vampires Everywhere, In Fear and Faith & Alesana
Location: HoB New Orleans, LA

Line-Up: Eve to Adam, In This Moment, HALESTORM
Location: Soul Kitchen, Mobile, AL

Line-Up: Cathercist, Escape the Fate, PAPA ROACH
Location: Soul Kitchen, Mobile, AL


Line-up: Junkmail Confetti, Her Fatal Remedy & Mission Vs. Madness
Location: Thunders Tavern: Pascagoula, MS

Crawfish Festival
Line-Up: Her Fatal Remedy, Cathercist, Savage Fate, The David Kill Band
Location: MS Cost Colosseum, Biloxi, MS

Rock War VI
Line-Up: Taken, Savage Fate, Face On Mars, Junkmail Confetti, Queens of England, SouthBound Shadow, Cathercist, Xplicit, Her Fatal Remedy
Location: C&M Music Center, Hattiesburg, MS

Concerts I'm going to attend:

People I wish to see in concert:
Linkin Park
Theory of a Deadman
Seasons After
Red Hot Chili Pepers

People I wish see in concert again:
PAPA ROACH (always!XD)
Sick Puppies
Motley Crue
Sevendust ( X] )
Angels Fall
Three Days Grace
My Darkest Days
New Medicine (x2)

People I've Met:
Adelitas Way- ALL ( x 6 Mostly Rick, He knows my face.)
Sevendust- ALL
Digital Summer- ALL
Halestorm- ALL (x 2)
9 Left Dead- ALL but 1
10 Years- Jessie
Hinder- ALL
Angels Fall- ALL
Cavo- Bassist and drummer

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