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About Sammy_Louise_

Hello!, Hailing from Essex in England, I'm Samantha, AKA Sammy Louise...or just plain Sam!

I Love Music, this is generally what my life evolves around, when i see a band live, it's my time to release everything negative that goes on around me and my life, I love the passion and energy from my favourite musicans, and I try to rock out as much as they do in return for their love!

Fashion, is currently what i'm studying at university, well actually i'm at college doing a Uni course, which is 1/3 of the price! sure i'm living at home which i hate.....but when i leave, i hope by then i'm fluent in speaking German, so i can work out there, because it's such a beautiful country and everyones so nice!, then after a few years i'd like to move to LA, or if things are good, do both, maybe :)

More info: Add me :)

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