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My name is Trevor, and I'm kind of a big deal. lol. Not really. But whatever you want to believe, go for it.
So, I grew up in New Haven, Indiana, just recently moved to Monroeville. Feels like bum fuck nowhere most of the time. Which is awesome. But don't let somebody tell you that the country is quiet. In fact, punch that fucker in the throat. The wind is horrid half the time, because there aren't any buildings to stop it. It can be hilarious, when it's other people walking around outside. But when it's you and others are pointing and laughing, yeah, not so much.
I am pretty easy to get along with, but easily annoyed by shit and have on occasion gotten into trouble by speaking my mind. See, I lack this little thing that normal people have called an asshole filter. lol. It's something that I'm working on though. That way people don't think I'm a prick, all of the time at least.
I don't do drugs, and I don't drink that much, but I don't have a problem with people who do, unless you're a total fucktard. And I hate strait edgers who think they're fucking better than other people. Guess what, you're an asshole just like the rest of us, and more likely to be shot or stabbed to death. Which is good. Or hit by a bus, which is better.
I'm also a Christian, which is ironic, since I am such a wacko half the time, but lemme tell ya a secret, we're not all bad. Those pricks who say that this person's going to hell, or gays are evil and so and, so forth, are bigot cocksuckers who know jack shit. And I've met J.S, he's a bitch to get along with.
I pride myself on having my own views and beliefs and will befriend anyone, no matter what religion. But I do on occasion get pissed when people talk shit about my faith. But that's what it is to me, faith, not religion. In my opinion Religion is one of the biggest things wrong with this country. We all fight over it, kill and are killed over it. But those people are missing the point. I think the point is to just have faith in something wholeheartedly, and if you're wrong, wouldn't you have rather have believed in something than nothing at all? If darkness awaits, good, just let me dream, mother fucker, let me dream.
[Hobbies and shit] I am a writer. I've written several short stories and I'm currently working on a couple bigger ideas. I just need to find the patience to actually sit down and piece it all together. I also write poems and lyrics and flash fiction. Sometimes I write prose too.
I play the guitar, electric and acoustic. I'm alright. I taught myself over the years and have gotten better over the years too. I try to play at least once a day, just sit down and go through a couple of the little diddy's I've come up with. I have had an interest in music since before I was born. Thanks mom. She played music all the time and I would kick and dance and shit. lol. Now, music is a part of my life. I always have music playing, either in my head of through headphones. It's a part of who I am. A thing I want to do one day is an experimental instrumental band, like some of Trent Reznor's stuff and Explosions In the Sky. I wouldn't mind doing music for movies or TV one day. I think that would be cool.
I am also into cooking, which is something I plan on building a career on one day. Photography is another thing of mine too. Basically, you name it, I do it. Except for that, you fucking perv. -slaps- Okay... that too. -sighs- Moving on...

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