Wed, Jan 21, 2009 at 7:59 PM By: Jacoby101

I am nothing but a ghost to them
My rose is gone I'm just a stem
No one sees me for who I am inside
They don't see it's them I despise

My flaws are open for everyone to see
My heart has been locked without a key
The pain controls me as it grows immensely
No one will ever understand the real me

Wounds I've inflicted upon myself
Are in my mind atop a shelf
I don't care or believe what others say
I'm going to leave cause I'm not going to stay

I'm left alone all throughout life
I want to end it leaving my blood stained knife
Left in sorrow with none to care for me
Only when I 'm gone will anyone see

I can't stand all the pain anymore
My heart is empty and completely torn
No one can fix it cause the damage is done
I no longer burn like the fiery sun

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