Wed, May 6, 2009 at 5:47 PM By: Jacoby101

These are some of my favorite quotes...........

A pen stroke to create worlds...a flick of the wrist to demolish them.

No matter how deep you cut, You'll never reach my heart, for it is no longer there

I won't be held down by who I use to be, she's nothing to me.

I'll sell my soul just to break the silence between us

Cry me a river and drown in it.

Injecting lies while fires burn, the devils heart with angels words

Live in a hole, but stay close to my kind. Cause they understand what burns in my mind

I hate myself and what I've become, I want to die, that's it...I'm done!

Who can you trust, who can you love, when love kills like somebody gave cupid a gun

Love is just a funeral for hearts

Let me cut your heart with my paper, heal you with my words, erase the bruises with my eraser, and forever mark it with my pen

Sometimes I'm pretending that I'm ok, but most of the time I don't feel that way, But I don't want to hurt you, So I keep on pretending

Writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia

Bloody puzzle pieces of my soul scattered and astray, as I fake a smile to get through another day.

  1. Emo-Princess x avatar

    On Sep 08, Emo-Princess x said:

    these quotes are fuckin amazinn ther totallyy awesome.. i luv u jacoby shaddix n papa roach!!! gettin 1 of ur famous tattoos on my neck ...xxx :]]

  2. *Shaddix32* avatar

    On May 08, *Shaddix32* said:

    very cool most of them i havent heard

  3. *L@cE[y]* avatar

    On May 06, *L@cE[y]* said:

    awesome quotes!!!

    i really like-- i won't be held down by who I use to be, she's nothing to me XD

  4. TheBrokenUndone avatar

    On May 06, TheBrokenUndone said:

    oh my! those are quite amazing!!! they make me happy :D

  5. Fed avatar

    On May 06, Fed said:

    Great quotes

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