Wed, Jul 21, 2010 at 1:15 AM By: Jacoby101

If the person who hurt you the most wanted you to be apart of their wedding, would you?

While I was at work, my parents ran into one of my old friends from high school, it has only been a little over a year since we last spoke to each other. She told my parents that she was getting married and wanted me to be apart of it, why? I don't know. But my parents also said she would try to contact me in the next few days.

Why after all this time would she want to even talk to me? I mean I know we used to be best friends and everything but that was in the past, this is the present, and after what happened during our senior year of high school, I really don't want to attend her wedding.

I'm just curious as to what you would do. Would you attend their wedding? Or would you tell them straight out no? I'm confused and the pain I thought I left behind is back, because she's trying to bring me back into her life and that isn't somewhere I want to be...

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