Papa Roach 4/18/10 Starland Ballroom

Mon, Apr 19, 2010 at 7:00 PM By: Emilyyy

So, went to the show yesterday. It was basically my first Papa Roach concert, and the experience was BEYOND amazing !!

I got there at 1:30 and chilled with a few chill roaches. We got our VIP laminate at 3, but wasn't let in to soundcheck til 4:30 [it was cold out]

They did soundcheck for about 20 mins then they did the meet and greet/pictures. :D
Gold went first since it was group pictures of 4 instead of individual like Platinum.

Well. Justin didn't really tell me if I could go yet or not [[first Platinum person in line]] so I was kind of hesitant going over, until I saw Jerry with his arms wide open waiting for a hug from me :D So I went over and hugged him. Then I went to go talk to Coby and Tony, and while doing that Tobin, being the freak he is, decided to pet my arm. I was like "what the fuck?XD" and his reply was "Nice roach :D" [I made my own shirt for the show ] I guess while I was talking to them, Jerry was reading the back of my shirt. He decided to spin me around so Coby could read the back. I was confused as fuck at first, though. haha. It said "Viva La Cucaracha" on the back, then across the ass "Suck My Twitter" :]

While Coby was reading it he basically touched my ass, and me being so blunt pointed it out.
Me:...Well you just touched my ass.
Coby:Did I? ;]
Me:YUP! It's slightly illegal.
Coby: Oh is it? -slaps ass and does tongue thing he does- You've been a bad girl!-
Me: Oh I have been!

We also talked about how the crackhead on my boob glows in the dark and how Coby was shocked that it was my first PR concert and how they're gonna pop my PR cherry. It ended with Coby saying "You're fucking weird, I like you. Come here-hugs-" :] It was a good day.

The fucking staff/security sucked, though. There was major confusion as to if VIP or Starparking was to go in first. Thanks to a roach going in and 'talking' to someone, VIP was allowed in earlier. I was second from the barrier. :] Closer than I thought I would be, to be honest.

The crowd was INSANE. Pushing, shoving, crowd surfers, moshing. It was off the fucking hook. I was dripping sweat by the third song. Coby and Jerry also recognized me in the crowd while on stage. Such a good feeling when that happens :D The concert didn't let out till about midnight.

It was the greatest experience someone could ask for as their first concert from their favorite band.
I'll post pictures in a new blog after this since this one is long already :p

  1. n2thevoid avatar

    On Apr 19, n2thevoid said:

    Great Story Emily!! Sounds like you had a blast!! :)

  2. LivvyxCucaracha avatar

    On Apr 19, LivvyxCucaracha said:

    Sounds like you had an amazing time!!! Super happy for ya :D

  3. ashlee_shaddix avatar

    On Apr 19, ashlee_shaddix said:

    "Tobin, being the freak he is" Well aren't you spot on there! XD Hahah < 3

  4. theroachaddict avatar

    On Apr 19, theroachaddict said:

    Aww, haha I love this, just all of them are so awesome. I'm so glad you got to meet them :)

  5. !!~*STARS*~!! avatar

    On Apr 19, !!~*STARS*~!! said:

    thats such an amazing story :) im glad that it was such a great show :) and i told you the roach on your shirt was nice :)

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