I swear to God if this girl wasn't in CA I'd punch her lights out...

Mon, Oct 25, 2010 at 12:56 PM By: Emilyyy

So, I went to school this morning, and before school we have to wait in the Commons. I went up to my friends and saw Brian [one of my close friends; we used to be REALLY close, though] and he looked extremely upset.
I mouthed to him 'are you okay...?' and he shook his head, so I walked to him, sat down, and he just broke down crying.. I've only HEARD him cry ONE other time...and that was over the phone at 3 a.m two years ago...

I asked him what happened... He told me his girlfriend broke up with him at TWO a.m... December 5 would have been their one year mark. If you guys knew Brian, you would know how in love with this girl he was... She said she couldn't deal with the distance anymore, but honestly, in my opinion, if you honestly love someone, you'd stay with them no matter the distance.

To make all of this shit worse, though, she broke up with him the day AFTER one of his grandparents passed away. WHO THE FUCK DOES THAT?!?! You couldn't fucking wait one week?! You just HAD to make his weekend THAT much worse?!?!

Ugh. EVERYONE who heard about it is pretty damn positive she was cheating on him... I've known her for three years now and I don't know what to believe. I do believe she had strong feelings for Brian, but lust/infatuation can easily deteriorate those feelings... Ugh.

I just fucking hate seeing him this upset... I'm going to the viewing for his grandparent tomorrow as a shoulder for him I think....:/ I really just want to punch her throat right now, though. Like...badly.

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    On Oct 25, mrs-shaddix87 said:

    As much as she does sound like a bitch it's probably better that he's rid of her sooner rather than later. Even though he's so upset at the moment it's better that she broke up with him than string him along. I agree it was horrible timing from her but i think it sounds like he's better off without her.
    Hope he's ok anyway.

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