Tribute to Coby *Had to do it for English*

Sat, Oct 31, 2009 at 7:52 PM By: Emilyyy

From childhood to adulthood he suffered things some people only read about.
But he always found the light when he was in the dark.
He went from homeless on the street to a good home for his family,
But he doesn't let the money he has get to him.
He gives to those who were one like him, spreading awareness of the homeless, whether they're homeless because of actions they did or because of the economy.
The reason does not matter to him.
He fights addictions each and every time he wakes up.
He's the 'king of relapse' but he always rises above it.
He refuses to let his addictions get to him; to run his life once again.
He gives up time with his family to entertain his fans.
He'll go months without seeeing his wife or his kids, but it doesn't matter to him.
Music is this young mans life.
He's only 33 years old, but he's changed thousands of lives around the world.
He doesn't let the negative comments get to him.
He has his physical flaws that are pointed out a lot in his carreer.
Sure, Mr. Shaddix has some chub, but it doesn't change who he is as a person or musician.
He loves who he is.
He, unlike most artists these days, are grateful for the fans and friends he has, and you can tell how grateful he is in his performances.
Jacoby Shaddix is who he is and does not care what you think.

  1. Lucky7 avatar

    On Jan 08, Lucky7 said:

    you have 2 very good tallents , keep it up! Lets see some more drawings!

  2. BlackVeilBridesGirl avatar

    On Nov 22, BlackVeilBridesGirl said:

    Awesome job x

  3. Emilyyy avatar

    On Oct 31, Emilyyy said:

    It's alright, not as good as it could be. But whatever. lol.

  4. SaveAHoPalermo avatar

    On Oct 31, SaveAHoPalermo said:

    goood job! < 3 'd it....i have a feeling if i helped with the beginning and u used it .the story would have been crap lol

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