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Mah Name is Jennifer! Mah email: vrjennym@hotmail.com. I live in Puerto Rico. I'm studying Psychology. I'm a really crazy fan of Papa Roach. They are the best band ever!
I can say I'm a really friendly person, a little crazy, I like that people let me be the way I like to be. I got my own life so I don't like people be telling me what I should do. I guess that life sometimes can be a little bitchy but that's the point right?? Fell free to ask me anything cuz' I will reply. I once see Papa Roach live and I walk with Jacoby Shaddix around the stadium that was awesome. I can say that Papa Roach lyrics help me in a lot of things in mah life, they inspire the shit out of me! I'm a little different to other I don't believe in that thing call "posers" I think that everyone make their own style, so don't blame me! Como sea Pitchea!!
But anyways see ya!!

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