1. Lets Fuk in yo bed avatar

    On Aug 17, Lets Fuk in yo bed said:

    Yes wat is it pinya

  2. Lets Fuk in yo bed avatar

    On Aug 17, Lets Fuk in yo bed said:

    Sissy I back I missed ya

  3. Mokierie avatar

    On Mar 02, Mokierie said:

    ah, same lolz.
    i'm about to be transferred to my fourth school this year XD
    kinda weird and funny when yeh really think about it.
    about to redye my hair as well. idk what color to die it with black though.

  4. Tiller avatar

    On Feb 19, Tiller said:

    im doing fine, just waiting for summer. i miss the warm its cold up here.. :/ how are you doin anyways?

  5. Mokierie avatar

    On Feb 17, Mokierie said:

    ive been better lolz...how bout you??

  6. Mokierie avatar

    On Feb 14, Mokierie said:

    haha well. most people did since i didnt log in for a few months, just seeing if you did remember me ^.^...
    thankies, i love yours too :3

  7. Tiller avatar

    On Feb 11, Tiller said:

    haha yea that was a random comment \m/ hi back

  8. Mokierie avatar

    On Feb 10, Mokierie said:

    hey im sure you dont remember me, but its worth a shot...im sure you remember Kell, i was his best friend, the one who went on his profile and posted about his tragic death.. MissyRoach.. except i forgot my password and which e-mail address i have it under.. i hope you remember if not i understand, ive been gone too long for must to remember, but i thought since you were so close to Kell too that maybe you would idk..

  9. *#JC@& avatar

    On Jan 29, *#JC@& said:

    I luv ur hair, think I said that already but it awesome!

  10. Kill Kid avatar

    On Dec 24, Kill Kid said:

    if really kakay's sister tell her to get online and call me and to go online on mixpod thanks

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