Hella Fun!!

Mon, Apr 5, 2010 at 7:03 PM By: Scars_654

Hey guys!!!! Mrs. Valo here. =) Well I had the most bad ass time at the HIM concert on Saturday in Cincinnati. If any of you went you know how bad ass it was. I am still in awe that I actually saw them. They were right there in front of my eyes!!! Ville Freaking Valo, was right there. It was the greatest day of my life, by far. Nothing can ever top that day. At least in my point of view. =) It was CRAZY!!! When they came out the crowd went completly crazy!!! So Awesome!!! They sang maybe 5 or 6 songs from their new album, Screamworks: Love In Theory And Practice, (If you haven't heard it check it out!!! Its A great album!!) They played alot of their old songs too. They played my favorite, I didn't think that they would but they did.(Join Me In Death is my Fave by the way!! Not that you care, and if you do then good!!) My sister was willing enough to go with me so I was able to have the chance to go. She doesn't really follow the band but she did know some songs!! ^^ Thank You so Much Sis!!!! Love YA!!!! Ville looked so sexy. I saw some of his Tats. The one one the back of his neck and the heart on his wrist. ^.^ LOVE IT!! He didn't pull out one cigaret the whole time. I was so proud of him!! Burton had a beer in his hand, and then you see Ville with his Coka Colla. It was so cute!! Love him so much!!!!

Well Guys, I guess that is about it. Please please PLEASE!!!!! leave comments with ideas of what you want me to talk about!!!!! Come on, dont leave me hanging!!! lol well I guess I better go. Love You Darlings!!!

Me and My Poison Girl (or Boy),
Mrs. Ville Valo (Mrs. Valo)

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