Sun, Jan 31, 2010 at 12:34 PM By: XxBFHxX

Is it wrong to love?
The kind of love that is like a rush all over your body it feels like a drug in your system.
To love so strongly that it hurts to be away from him.
To have the urge to say I love you ever time you see, talk to him, or even think of him.
That kind of love only exists with one person.
I hope that it is with you.
Love is not an emotion it is an action.
You cannot just feel it you have to follow through with the feeling.
If you do not express your love, you start going crazy.
It is hard enough to feel it but keeping it in is like a gun to your head or a knife through your back.
The crazy part about it is that some people like me are addicted to the feeling.
We are like crack addicts or crack is the pain that we go through in every relationship.
Yet we still do this crazy thing called the love game for some stupid pleasure.
We faithful lovers are just as bad as emos.
I am not crazy this feeling is real I am just the only one that will admit it most of us are secretive.
We are secretive like loves evil ways.
Love tears friends apart.
Deep down love is just as evil as you.

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