Silver Platter/you broke my heart [me rompiste el corazón] (tm)

Wed, Apr 21, 2010 at 6:20 PM By: xXHell_On_HeelsXx

ok its not finnished but im writing a poem that my friend/bandmember
it gonna turn it into a song this is what i have now

i took off my armor
i had no defences
i put down my weapons
all i had were my sences
i gave you Love
but you gave back NOTHING
i just wanted affection
or just a bit of something
my heart was left unguarded
and you took advantage
im hurt with my heart ripped off
now at a disadvantage
when you ripped out my heart
you forced me to see
so you could see my reaction
to laugh at me
on a silver platter where my broken heart lay
your face full of smiles, mine with dismay
my heart on a silver platter and you dont even care
it hurt so bad all i could do was stare
tears falling with no end
theres no way to fake it
i can't pretend

its all i have what do you think?

  1. Katalina11 avatar

    On Jan 24, Katalina11 said:

    Thats deep mami! I loooooovvvveee it.

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