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I'm 14. highschool. blag idk some say im emo some say im a nerd some say im gothic who the hell knows, better yet who the hell cares,'cuse i sure dont:).I am what I am so get used to it (na I'm scene/emo). I live with just my mom shes cool i guess? really strict cant do any thing. TOTAL GEEK ,i love math, scince, and english. i write alot though icant spell.:) so im asking now to forgive my spelling mistakes. ya so um, watevers i draw alot and yes i am A VAMPIRE GEEK but I CAN NOT STAND TWILIGHT dont get me rong the books good the moves okish but i hate how every one is obssesssed with it ugggggg and what's with all the romanc if im watchin a movie it will be horror more blood the better!!!!!!!! i love dracula one of my fav books and movies. blagggggggggggg ya im pretty fun.:)HAHAHA and single:) my fave bands r 1)papa roach 2) simple plan and 3) lincon park 4) Black Veil Brides (I think Andy Sixx is really hot!) 1 thing people don't relize bout my size I may be short but I've got anger isuses am a bitch and I'm a hell of a lot stronger then they think. I may look fraagle but I am no fucking barbie bitches! =)

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