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About Kittie D

My name is Kat, but you can call me Kittie if you want. I'm eighteen and a senior in high school. I live in Florida..Anyways, my religion is wicca. I'm a mutt when it comes to nationalities; Italian,Irish,German,English,and Scottish. Anywho, I love music, all types of art, and books/writing. Writing is my passion. It takes me away from where I am and let's me escape in my own head. Fucking great.

I write fanfics for quizilla, and novel type stories and poetry on fiction press and inkpop. I am a rocker girl. Top bands I love are Motley Crue,Poison,Green Day,Evanescence,H.I.M,Papa Roach,the Libertines and the Babyshambles. I'm a bookworm and love all types. Give me something interesting and I can read for hours. I also am a movie addict; horror is my favorite genre.

Some things you should know; I trust too easily, I'm very moody, and horribly overly sensitive. I cuss like a sailor, sleep too much, over analyze everything, and I can be sorta clingy when I'm having anxiety. I've had depression since I was about eleven, and anxiety since I was sixteen. I'm a bit of a screw up but I'm learning from my mistakes, so all in all, it's good, wouldn't you agree?

I'm a text whore, so if you ever want to text just ask for my number (no one over 25,please.)

Papa Roach has been one of the bands that has completely helped me when I've been down. Such songs like "Scars" "Blood (Empty promises)" "Not Listening" and even "Hollywood Whore" has helped me through some really rough times in my life. The guys are great and I hope to meet them someday.

Anyway, if you want to know more just message me :)


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