Free Fall

Tue, Jul 13, 2010 at 1:05 PM By: Jacoby'sLittleDirtyGirl

Free Fall off the ledge.Into a world where no one know your name. A world where you have to rely on yourself to get by. What would you do if no one knew you? Would you fall into a pit of lifless insanity, or would you cradle yourself and feed off of the tears that you have shed? Think about this before you talk back. Before you pull the trigger on that gun. Because any moment could be your last! One false move could sink your ship, your importance, and most importantly, your life.So if someone talks back to you or gets on your nerves just say "HEY YOU DONT KNOW ME!" Let them think of their next move and as they fall back into ablivian you will stand there tall as ever. As they go back you have succeeded and ended the Free Fall.

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