Tue, Jul 13, 2010 at 1:05 PM By: Jacoby'sLittleDirtyGirl

Take your last breath out the door. The door to recovery. The door that answers all questions. You realize when your hangover is over that your life is spinning and flushed down a big, empty, lifeless toilet of insanity. The path on the road to recovery is a long helpless road that will have you spinning and swirling down. Your alone in this cruel world with only you, urself, and I to help and dig you out of this hard time. None of the above will save you now! Many think your life is over when you take that pretty blue or purple capsuale but what is really happening is that it has only begun. While there it seems that none will understand you and none will help you but only one person will be there to pick up the peieces. That person is me. The one you can rely on when times get hard. When you feel like none and none of thee above will save you now! But your wrong! I shall be your savior and i shall help you! All that you need to do, is Breathe.

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    On Jul 15, Mynyester said:

    thats nice :)

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    On Jul 13, xxTHE.FLAMERxx said:

    poetic nice:)

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