Sunkin Dreams

Sat, Sep 11, 2010 at 5:06 PM By: Jacoby'sLittleDirtyGirl

Look through the pain in the door of fire
There you see your hearts true disire
Love is a myth thats waiting for the truth
But your my crue, your my fountain of youth
But i cant see past the cold winters rain
All that you done has caused me nothin but pain
And this is tearing me apart
Your ripped all the stitches that remained in my heart
Now you left me for dead and i cant cry
But this is my last breath while i wait here to die
Your the sunkin ship in my old book
While the chapter is open its hard to look
And these sunkin dreams keep me awake
But with every beat my heart seams to break
Where done its like this cant be
Now our love is shattered into debris
Well im done im out of this mess
Ill flick you away like a old cigarette
Crumble by crumble dust to dust
Your lies i can no longer trust

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