Papa Roach

Wed, Oct 14, 2009 at 7:54 AM By: XRockQueenX

Papa Roach are the most awesomeist band you could ever get. I have Hollywood whore as my ringtone and Last Resort as my message tone! My 6 year old niece even likes Hollywood whore Lmao! Love you Jacoby, Tobin, Tony & Jerry... you are all fucking awesome! xxx

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    On Oct 15, XRockQueenX said:

    I Have met them. I Went To See Them Live At Brixton Academy In London On The 10.10.09. I Had V.I.P Tickets And Got To Do The Meet & Greet. I Might Be Going Again I March! I Cannot Wait. I Love Them! xx

  2. Karina P avatar

    On Oct 14, Karina P said:

    I have I almost told you I loved you for my ring their music and love them live!! They are also the best band to their fans so if you ever get the chance to meet them it is totally worth the money!!

  3. Tootle avatar

    On Oct 14, Tootle said:

    I have Holloywood Whore as my ringtone too :D My 3 yr old daughter Lucy-Willow always demands I put the song on as soon as we are in the car.....she goes mad if I play anything else! x

  4. Recklezz avatar

    On Oct 14, Recklezz said:

    if I ever get a mobile where I can set my ringtones (which will hopefully be soon) I want To be loved as my ringtone, the part from the video haha XD

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