Thu, Oct 1, 2009 at 10:28 AM By: naqti

This is a battle call
To one, to all
The opposition, will take the fall...!

The end of the summer and the beginning of the school year were really hectic times.
Eventually, I met plenty of new people, were on some good gigs, gained some experience. Nonetheless, I have the feeling of completely wasted time, like I did nor achieved anything. Maybe it's because I didn't go anywhere further and stayed at home, doing the English classes.

Now it doesn't seem to be any better.
But what I should mention about is the concert. Yes, the concert.
The VERY first PAPA ROACH concert in Poland.
I was waiting for it for 3 years at least, I remember my endless conversations about it with sb. I was dreaming of going to their concert, but never really thought about it serious, it was more like something what I can't fulfil- someday in the future I will go to states and see them playing live.
And suddenly I go on the main page and see- wow, they're going to play here, in Poland.! OMG.! Can't be true.! One of my biggest dreams, apart from moving to the UK fulfilled.!
Although I knew they started to play in Europe, but in Germany and UK mostly. There was the concert in Prague, on which I really wanted to go, but I have no clue why finally I didn't managed to. Surely because of lacking money.
Straight away, I collected money, bought the ticket and just told my parents that I'm going. No matter of school, responsibilities, accomodation or other finances, I just said I'm going and so I did.
The gig was amazing. Despite of two hours waiting for support and the band and having no opportunity to meet&greet 'em, I totally fallen in love with it. Coby was stunning as always, his vocal live really positively surprised me (knowing the other live performances). They played nice mix of the new album and old songs.
During 'Scars' I was literally flying over the moon.
For sure, next time I decided to save up for VIP ticket, just for sake of it, and not to worrying about meeting. I'm also more seriously considering getting the tattoo on my neck, but who knows...

Now, it's so difficult to come back to the reality. And I have litearally tones of homework, especially reading, while I have no time for that. Adding to that the fact I took up the trainings back, work on the night shift on the clothes shop and other CAS activities... Whole IB course is quite demanding, not to mention my completely hopeless timetable.
As for the start, I'm pleased with the results, even tho I should have care more. I must limit the time I spend in front of the pc, unless it won't do any good for me. If I'm already being late with some tasks, what will happen later.?
Anyway, I need to admit, the 1st month of IB really improved my language skills.

I read 'Crime and Punishment'. Not that it was best book I've ever read, but I was suprised by the philosophy of the main character. Suprisingly, it was all exactly my thoughts, and the moral system that I believe in. Now, I really think that I'm cut out to be a philosopher XD

Not optimistically looking into the nearest future.

'And in a world so cold
it's hard to keep the faith
I'm never gonna fade away.!'

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