1. ivarhcp4ever avatar

    On Apr 25, ivarhcp4ever said:

    I wish some rock band would come here :P
    I've been studying every single day and now I'm on a easter vacation :D Today is the first time I'm here in three months....All because of school :P I've missed this website....I've benn here the whole day xD And I even edited my profile xD

  2. ivarhcp4ever avatar

    On Apr 25, ivarhcp4ever said:

    hi :D what's up?

  3. anci avatar

    On Feb 04, anci said:

    Yep skiing was awesome ;) And winter was supposed to be hard here this year too...It was in the beginning we've had snow since november xD And before christmas it was really cold but now it's just ice everywhere because the temperature have been just above freezing for some days now xD But I'll live I guess at least if I don't fall on the way to the bus ;)

  4. anci avatar

    On Jan 18, anci said:

    I'm good ;) I've just started school after a nice long holiday ^^ Not too happy about starting again actually since I spent last week skiing with friends xD I'd love to go back there but I gues I'll have to wait til next year -.- And schools going great I passed all exams so I'm pretty happy ;)

  5. Shaddix_Gurl21 avatar

    On Jan 15, Shaddix_Gurl21 said:

    No Problem

  6. ElIzAbEtH[rAwR]!! avatar

    On Jan 11, ElIzAbEtH[rAwR]!! said:

    heyyoo!!wats up...yeah u probly dont know mew buhh i mean u can if wanna! cz im so fucking fun to talk to...buhh im better in person..tho we probly wont meet eachother..ok..so yeah srry if i come off as weord..i tend to have that effect on ppl..xD

  7. anci avatar

    On Dec 21, anci said:

    Hey ;) It's been ages since we last talked so I thought I'd drop by your page to say hello ;) How have you been??

  8. lucian_702 avatar

    On Dec 12, lucian_702 said:

    hey there. how did your weekend go??? i've been too lazy to sign on here and reply back to anybody. it was a nice day on friday. sun was out and all. then it went straight back to rain. we even got some thunder and lightening over here a few days ago. did you guys?? i leave up to Fairbanks this coming friday. my mom was saying that it -7 or something. i guess it warmed up a tad bit. i guess a couple weeks ago it -20 sooooooooo -7 is better than 20 something below. but yeah, it's going to be freezing ass when i get up there. my nostrils are going freeze XD XD XD that hasn't happen to me in awhile, lol. well, i'ma head for now.

  9. lucian_702 avatar

    On Nov 28, lucian_702 said:

    yeah, i was kinda surprised that it did snow. things here in Poulsbo were kind of a mess for awhile. our power was out for almost two days. it was way worse when we used to live up in Sedro Woolley. (i forgot how to spell that towns name, i think i spelled it right) i was going crazy sitting at home. all classes were canceled. i managed to get out for a little while on tuesday evening. lol, i went to the casino. i had to call a cab though. of course they would have power. just about all of Poulsbo was out of business this week but the casino was still up and running. yup, just for a visit. i'll be up in AK for a few weeks that's all and then i head back down here and start school two days later >.< how did your weekend go???

  10. lucian_702 avatar

    On Nov 22, lucian_702 said:

    hey, what's up?? no, nothing new or too exciting has been going. still keeping busy with school, but the quarter ends in a couple weeks. after that i'm heading up to Fairbanks for a few weeks. damn, it's all snowing and windy over here. i heard people saying it was going to snow but i didn't know whether to believe them or not. did they ever fix your page????? or is it still all messed up?? well, i hope you had a good weekend =o)

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