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hey ya'll i love papa roach jacoby is just so fuckin hot!!! i have been to three of his concerts!!!!!!!! i went to the radio station to donate money for st judes and when i went i was wearing my i love papa roach shirt and the guy was like did you go to the concerts and i was like yea i went to both of them!! he was like did you get to meet them? i was like no... he was like yea i got to meet him!!!!! and he gave me a hug!!!!! i was like awwwww thats no fair!!!!!!!! i was like yea jacobys hot!!!!! he was like no i dont think so i was like yea hes hot!!!!!!! and then he was like hang on let me check on something real quick...... and when he came back HE GAVE ME AN AUTOGRAPHED PICTURE OF THE WHOLE BAND!!!!!!!! I WAS LIKE AHHHHHHHH O MY GOD!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! then i gave him i hug and i like jumped out of the radio station!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so im so happy!!!! kk add me as a friend!!!!!!!!!!! bye bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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