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    On May 26, Zara said:

    I was planning to go to provinssirock, I got a ride to there and money,but...my friend who was supposed to come there with me told me yesterday that she won't come. I'm so pissed off because I was planned all things already and I don't know is there anyone who wants to come there...hopefully is :o
    But I really recommend ruisrock,I had so much fun there last year :) I'd like to come there too, but I'm not sure yet...

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    On Apr 18, Zara said:

    Heyy! Yeah,that's true,but nice to hear about u :) I have been really busy for a while,b-day partys and school stuff and all that but otherwise fine :) How about u?
    I have planned to go to Ruisrock (where's Bullet etc...) or Provinssirock. I'm not sure which one or both but somewhere still. It depends about my money and comes somebody with me. I was in Ruisrock last year and it was one of the best days in my life so far so I really recommend it :D So u have planned to go some festivals? (:

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    On Jan 16, Zara said:

    Yep,that's true :D Since the first gig where I was, I have always wanted to go to the next one :D It's addictive,haha.

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    On Jan 09, Zara said:

    I'm pretty sure that they're coming,otherwise I don't know what to do! :D
    I just watched videos from their gig in Helsinki and I was like "I wanna be there again!" :D

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    On Jan 08, Zara said:

    Yeah,my school started last Monday but I still had Thurstay and Friday holiday :D
    I haven't heard about that PR thing...but I watched their interview from Finland a while ago and Jacoby said in that something like "see u soon" and it seemed like they are coming back :)

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    On Dec 22, Zara said:

    What? So late :o Mine started like last Friday :D
    I have pretty similar plans...I'll meet my friends and we have some plans what we'll do and I'll spend christmas with my relatives. That's all :D

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    On Dec 18, Zara said:

    At least we have snowy christamas! :D So u have holiday now too, right? And do u have any speacial plans for holidays? (:

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    On Dec 10, MamaRoach7 said:

    I posted pictures of the scrap book you help make on facebook and If you want to add to the new scrap book... check out The Papa Roach Scrap Book Project Page on facebook! Thanks! Viva La Cucaracha! Help spread the word!

  9. Zara avatar

    On Dec 10, Zara said:

    Heyy :)) I'm fine too...here is just so cold too that I don't wanna go out! I just walked home something like 2 kilometres and I felt than I'm gonna die :D Luckily I didn't,lol. It was almost like snow storm :D Hopefully u won't come sick :o It sucks to have fever expecially in christmas...I don't remember was it last christmas or what but I was sick and it was horrible :D
    Haha,that school thing sounds funny :D We don't really have any christmas partys in school but last week we had Independence Day partys but I wasn't there because I met my other friends and so...:D
    Just one week and then holiday starts :D I can't wait!

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    On Nov 29, Shaddix.Babe said:

    Ah I see :)
    Yeah it's very cold in Scotland too >.<
    It snowed for 3 days now :p
    I went out for two hours in the snow, my feet were very cold xD
    I still need to build snowman though ! :D

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