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xxx R.I.P JAMES "THE REV" SULLIVAN - 28.12.2009-

Avatar - Me and Jepha Howard (The Used!)

Well im Laura, im 19 years young and live in sunny Cumbria, UK (sunny my arse lol)!

I am a "Gig Whore" along with my Bestie Lisa (whom i wuv lots-alation-in ya bum)!

I am a HUGE fan of THE USED!!!

Please attempt to talk to me before adding me! Athankyou! =)

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I have 7 tattoos, a shooting star behind my ear and a weird tribal eye thingymagingy on the back of my neck, seven stars on my wrist and The Used's hanging heart as an anklet and FREE FROM THE TORMENT OF SIN on my left wrist i also have another Used related tattoo that you can see in my blog!. I have another that i cant describe and its not complete yet.! Ive seen 3 more that i want which includes a CRACKHEAD!!!

I also have my tongue, lip. tragus, nose, belly button and ears (times 2) pierced and will hopefully be going to get my anti tragus pierced soon!! (Y)!

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^^LOL at Dirk McCracksnacks ^^

Previous Gigs:
EMINEM, Cyprus Hill, Dr Dre, D12: 2002 The Anger Management Tour (Glasgow)
GOOD CHARLOTTE, Beat Union: 2007 (Manchester Apollo)
SIMPLE PLAN Cage The Elephant: 2008 (Manchester Academy 2)
PAPA ROACH , Filter, Dear Superstar - 2009 (16th April Manchester Academy)
THE USED, Hexes, We Are The Ocean- 2009 (21st September Manchester Academy 2)
PAPA ROACH Heavens Basement, Madina Lake- 2009 (11th October Manchester Academy)
SHINEDOWN Counterpoint, Soil. 2009 (4th November, Manchester Academy)
HEAVENS BASEMENT, DEAR SUPERSTAR New Device - 2009 (15th December, Leeds Cockpit)

2010 GIGS
LOSTPROPHETS Kids In Glass Houses, The Sharks - (25th February, Manchester Apollo)
HEAVENS BASEMENT, DEAR SUPERSTAR The Crave - (26th February, Bolton Kico Club)
HEAVENS BASEMENT, DEAR SUPERSTAR The Crave - (5th March, Nottingham Rock City)
HEAVENS BASEMENT, DEAR SUPERSTAR The Crave - (6th March, Cheltenham Night Owl)
HEAVENS BASEMENT, DEAR SUPERSTAR The Crave - (10th March, Birmingham 02 Academy.
MADINA LAKE We Are The Ocean - (3rd April, Leeds Cockpit)
AFI (9th April. Manchester Academy)
AIDEN Saosin - (20th April, Manchester Academy 2)

Meet & Greets:
Simple Plan: Manchester HMV. Awesome guys, had a real laugh with Pierre and Sebastian coz i was arguing with David as he wouldn't give me his hat lol!

Met THE USED after the gig in Manchester! and i didnt cry at All....hehe They were the sweetest guys i have EVER MET!!

Bert McCracken (my idol!) said he noticed me and Lisa during the gig even tho we were in the second row! He looked at me and said " I saw you getting thrashed and still singing along...Awesome!"

Also met wiL Francis from Aiden! He called me a pussy and i also saved his life haha!!


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Met Papa Roach in April and October (VIP) and they are soooo friendly and really amazing guys!! I can honestly say my life is complete lol x

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