Random...Like my head!

Mon, Nov 16, 2009 at 6:51 AM By: Silly Goose

Ok so i have a hectic month this December!
1st on the 6th, me and the twinnage-alation are going to see Silverstein in Manchester!

Then on the 12th, im off on my works xmas do to the local theatre to see a band called Dreadzone (anyone herd of them? I havent lol).

Then on the 15th me and the twinnage-alaton are off to see Heavens Basement and Dear Superstar. Meeting up with Jade, Nina and Brian! And walking the streets of Leeds till 4am till our train comes lol!

Then on the 19th i am retaking my Car Theory test for the 3rd time lmao! 1st time i failed by 2 marks, 2nd time i failed by 1 mark! Sooo frustrating!

Ofcourse there's Christmas Eve (which im working) and Christmas Day!

Then the 27th is mine and the twinnage-alation's 20th Birthday!

Then im working NYE! Booo Hissss Boooo!!!

Oh and i shall be anxiously awaiting The Used to reveal next years UK tour dates from now until they do lol!

I have no idea why i decided to share this.....but i did.....deal with it lol!! xxxxxxx

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