Heaven's Basement, Dear Superstar and New Device

Sat, Dec 19, 2009 at 9:51 PM By: Silly Goose

Heaven's Basement & Dear Superstar!

This gig turned out to be quite an adventure didn't it Jade n Nina? lol.

Seeing as the gig was in leeds, i got the train to leeds and to cut a long story short, ended up getting lost in Leeds train station, i was panicing and on the verge of tears when i see Jades friend Ben!

We walked to the Cockpit just in time for New Device to start! They were pretty good actually, and there was a but of eye candy, which always helps haha!!

Then DEAR SUPERSTAR! They supported PR on there April tour and i was soo GOOD to see them again! Absolutley amazing!

Should point out here that Me, Jade, Nina andf Brian are the Dear Superstar Street Team!

After their set we went to look at Merch and got chatting to Micky about anything and everything, mainly Micky chatting shit about how bad his hair looked lol. Then me and Micky did a random hand shake thingy haha! It made me giggle!!

After Micky left to go sort his hair out we checked in on a bit of Heaven's Basements set....Rather good tbh! Then we went back to the merch spot and chatted to Micky again! About 10 minutes later the rest of the band came up and we all got talking! I was talking to Amadeus, Minge, Micky and Stew about tattoos and it turns out Stew has The Used lyrics tattooed on his wrist like me!

Then Sid from Heaven's Basement came up to us and we got talking to him, he is rather gorgeous! Yum! haha! He had a plaster on his finger and told us because of that he played guitar like a retard haha!

About half an hour later we went outside and met up with Dear Superstar again. Me, Brian, Nina and Jade were discussing a bit of graffitti we saw on the wall and just as Jade said "It looks like a man sat on the toilet with a big...." Micky suprised us and said "go on Jade, what did it look like" We all burst out laughing!

I had my hoodie zipped up half way and the next thing i know Micky is zipping it all the way up telling me "Zip up, its fucking freezing" haha! i really wondered what the hell was going on!

We were jusy about to get a group photo when i totally forgot what was going on and Amadeus said "come on love, snuggle up" haha!

After we got our group photo, Amadeus annouced he had an erection!! To much information! And i said" OMG and i was stood next to you? Ewww!!" He and Smeth burst out laughing!

Soon after that we said our goodbyes and thanks which involved a lot of hugs and kisses. We were leaving to go get food when Nina ran up to Micky, jumped on him and hugged him! sooo cute haha!!

I just wanna say thanks to Nina, Jade and Brian for keeping me company till my train came!

Much love to you guys and Dear Superstar for an unforgettable night!!

Here are some pics x

Jade, Brian Nina and Me
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Smeth (Guitarist) , Me and Jade
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Me and Sid (Heaven's Basement Guitarist)
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Me and Micky (Lead Singer)
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Me, Brian, Nina and Jade with Dear Superstar!
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  1. themudsharkinterview avatar

    On Dec 20, themudsharkinterview said:

    Glad you are had a whale of a time.

  2. Hybrid911 avatar

    On Dec 20, Hybrid911 said:

    hahaha I wrote a blog about what we were talking about last night :D we had an amazing time didn't we? :D xxx

  3. Silly Goose avatar

    On Dec 19, Silly Goose said:

    Thanks! we all had an amazing time! =)

  4. BlackVeilBridesGirl avatar

    On Dec 19, BlackVeilBridesGirl said:

    Aww,sounds like you guys had a blast,cute pics

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