1. vern93 avatar

    On Oct 16, vern93 said:

    idk i hope there still planning on doing the book..maybe they r waiting till the album comes out : )

  2. *Shaddix32* avatar

    On Oct 16, *Shaddix32* said:

    ya i want that book i think abo it alot

  3. junebaby avatar

    On Oct 16, junebaby said:

    I do, but Jacoby didn't even know about the Hollywood Whore song, lol!!!!!!

  4. Lovely_XxXxX avatar

    On Oct 16, Lovely_XxXxX said:

    Maybe they are still working on the book, or maybe they forgot. : x I wouldn't know for sure...

  5. Celliott avatar

    On Dec 13, Celliott said:

    maybe its a top secret mission and they are surprising us for christmas? lol

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