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About Aaron _PapaRoach_

Gonna be getting a Papa Roach Tattoo soon cant wait :D. Papa Roach is in my opinion is the best band in the world and thats mostly what I listen to all day every day. Although I also enjoy listening to other bands such as Metallica, Die Toten Hosen, KISS, Motley Crue, AC/DC,Slipknot,30 Seconds to Mars,Ozzy Osbourne,Ramones,Airbourne,Evanescence,Joan Jett.

I hate,hate,hate that pop rave dance electro crap most people listen to GOTTA BE ROCK AND METAL ALL THE WAY.

Cant wait to see them live on Dec 1st in Dusseldorf, finally somewhere near where I am.

Keep rocking Papa Roach!!! VIVA_LA_CUCARACHA

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