Sat, May 14, 2011 at 3:13 PM By: Chey081596

Can't you see The pain in my eyes? But this is me And my life. If you hold me close You can hear my heart It cries more than most From being torn apart. After every breath I take, After every fight I witness, I ask "why must I awake?" Will I ever conquer forgiveness? Can you ever truly Forgive without forgetting? I am lonely. My life I am abandoning. From pain I am running. Even though these tears are streaming I will never look back. All in all,
I have one question to ask. Would you still catch me if I fall? Maybe one day you will see. This is how I live, And this is me.©

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    On May 14, Chey081596 said:

    Awww, thank you, :)

  2. Katniss1987 avatar

    On May 14, Katniss1987 said:

    Well if this is you I have one thing to say, Your words Are beautiful and so are you.

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