The Young Ghost (Not Finished)

Wed, Dec 7, 2011 at 6:10 AM By: Chey081596

There’s a ghost that hides within the walls. The ghost is of a young girl. She’s searching for a family that will care for her, but she can’t find anyone. She hides within the walls until a new family comes to live there. She is 8 years old. No one has lived in the house for years. The young girl is too scared to walk out of the walls of the house. She’s afraid she’ll get lost and hurt. She has no one to talk to. She knows that she will have to leave tomorrow night.
Today she decides to come out, to find someone to be with. She walks out the door into the cold night air. She sees the beautiful shining moon and stars. They shine like a diamond, so bright it made you blind for only seconds. She’s in awe of what she see’s, she has never seen the night as it is now.
The young ghostly girl is walking down a dirt road in a white dress and is barefoot. She is happy that she came out to see the beautiful world. She’s no longer scared but adventurous. The world is like a mystery to her. She walks for a long time and doesn’t stop until she came upon a small animal. It was a small bird, which had fallen out of its nest. She looked at it clueless, not knowing what to do. So she picks it up and put’s it somewhere safe. She now continues her journey to find a family.

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