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About JacobyKitten

Sup Fuckers!
I am 19 years old. Ready to rock the shit out of life! I'm slowly but surely coming out of my shell and showing the real me to more and more people. And I'm working on showing the real me on the outside as well. ;} I have big plans for the future. Yeah, you're going to see me on the big screen one day. If not the big screen then on the behind the scenes. An actress or a special effects make-up artist. Take your pick. Either way, I'm not letting anyone talk me out of it. And the big Sun and Moon Comedy and Tragedy drama faces tattoo I drew out on my back is showing how serious I am about it. I REFUSE TO SURRENDER!
A little about me. I love music, concerts, movies, art, cars, and video games. And most importantly: Jacoby Shaddix. I'm loud, obnoxious, obsessive, but driven. I have the attention span of a rodent and the amusement level of a toddler. Yet, I have a vivid imagination and I love to dream. Take away those things and I am an empty boring shell of a person.
I'm a native Texan going to college for my passions. I'm currently working as a barista at a coffee shop and soon wanting to evolve in to being a bartender. Morning barista, daytime student, and night time bartender. Yeah, that's my plan until my happy ass moves to Los Angeles and I make my dreams come true!
My best friend in the world is Ashley Mann, otherwise known as LadyRoach92. She's my best friend, concert buddy, shoulder to cry on, and one person I always come back to NO MATTER WHAT! I love her to death and nothing will ever change that.
Wanna know more about me? Click on the message button or comment on one of my blogs. I'll do what I can.
Until then:


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