AAAAHHHH!!!! i wish i had a credit card!!!! :(

Tue, Apr 14, 2009 at 10:49 PM By: Gabbyshaddix

AAAAAAHHHH!!!! i really wanted to purchase a poster in the riot store but i have no credit card :'( :( :( :(

  1. Gabbyshaddix avatar

    On Apr 15, Gabbyshaddix said:

    really!!!!! yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

  2. djt avatar

    On Apr 15, djt said:

    the admin's will let you pay with a money order. just message them about it. i had the same problem.

  3. SuperMiek avatar

    On Apr 15, SuperMiek said:

    Don't your parents have one? I always steal away their credit card whenever I need one haha :D

  4. Vicksken avatar

    On Apr 15, Vicksken said:

    Well, I guess that this wont be a problem anymore thanks to the very very nice people of Ground(ctrl)....

  5. Gabbyshaddix avatar

    On Apr 14, Gabbyshaddix said:

    lolz yups me too HAHA yea it does suck :( lolz i had that same expression too hahaha

  6. ♫ Mindy M-80! avatar

    On Apr 14, ♫ Mindy M-80! said:

    Same here. I guess when I get a new job, I'll have to invest into one, JUST FOR THIS. :D Hahaha. Or either, give my mom money and she can pay with the CC instead. Who knows, but it does suck. I was all anxious and excited, like beyond excited. Then I was like...."OH NOOOOOO" D:

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