1. Destiny avatar

    On Apr 25, Destiny said:

    its all good here. lol. 8i guess im okay

  2. Fluffnation avatar

    On Apr 24, Fluffnation said:

    hey wats goin on

  3. +katrin+ avatar

    On Apr 23, +katrin+ said:

    xD oh yeah I love to sleep and dream, too... but not from jacoby ;D
    ..Thank you! :)

  4. Angel1990 avatar

    On Apr 22, Angel1990 said:

    Thx! I´m fine, How ur U???
    Had a fuckin good time saw the boys on monday XD amazing!
    You have a lot of great pictures! respect! XD


  5. sixxfreak1214 avatar

    On Apr 21, sixxfreak1214 said:

    yeah school blows i hate goin every day but thts part of being a 17 yr old i guess

  6. Destiny avatar

    On Apr 20, Destiny said:

    Hey what's up! I like your about me, and love the Rock on hands! You added me as a friend, Just wanted to see how things are going?

  7. +katrin+ avatar

    On Apr 20, +katrin+ said:

    oooh... writing a fucking big text for school -.- ... and sleeping... xD not much
    And You?

  8. sixxfreak1214 avatar

    On Apr 19, sixxfreak1214 said:

    today is goin ok i guess just cleanin my room and probobly gotta go clean the basement after band practice yesterday

  9. sixxfreak1214 avatar

    On Apr 17, sixxfreak1214 said:

    yeah well nothing is really gonna stop us

  10. Fed avatar

    On Apr 17, Fed said:

    Nice pics you got on your profile:;)

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